Club X rates the ski conditions for the upcoming weekend for our guests and to give us something to talk about over dinner. The ratings predict the conditions at Sugarbush from one to five stars. You may also see one, two or three trees and a cross country skier if we think the cross country trails will be skiable. We try and predict each weekend early in the week and then refine the rating as the weekend draws closer. Sorry, we are not qualified to rate Mad River Glen.

How accurate are we? Check here

Here is what we mean by the ratings:

Minimal Conditions, Don't Pay Full Price

One Star

We expect limited terrain or poor snow conditions. This might be a good weekend to work on technique or get your ski muscles in shape if you are used to skiing in the east or at Sugarbush and you have a pass or a way of skiing cheaply, but don't go out of your way to be on the mountain. If the conditions are hard or icy this is not a good time to learn to snowboard. If the beginner slope is open this might be a good weekend to learn to ski.


Limited Terrain, Limited Lifts or Poor Weather

Two Stars

Limited terrain, poor snow conditions, or poor weather . If you are familiar with skiing in the east or at Sugarbush and you have a pass or a way of skiing cheaply you can have fun on a weekend like this, as long as you understand what to expect.


A Good Weekend for East Coast Skiers

Three Stars

The Club X gang will be out on the slopes. If its early in the season there may be limited terrain open. The snow conditions might include patches of ice, mainly groomed terrain or mainly man-made snow.


Natural Snow and Good Coverage

Four Stars

Good coverage, limited natural snow or skier packed powder. If snow is in the forecast we might give a five star weekend four stars if we expect strong wind to close lifts.


Excelent Skiing By Any Measure

Five Stars

Fresh snow and very good skiing conditions.


How have we done? For the 2002-2003 winter we were 83% accurate for the season.

Ratings for the 2002-2003 Season

Here is a history of our predictions for the 2003-2004 season and a rating of how the weekend actually turned out. 

So far we have been 0% accurate for the season.





Nov 23, 24 2004

No rating given.  

Nov 29,30 No rating given.    
Dec 6,7 No rating given.    
Dec 13, 14 No rating given. On Monday the 15th we got 30 inches of powder.
Dec 20, 21 No rating given. The rain mostly missed us, then we got 20 inches of powder.
Dec 27,28 No rating given. We got rain followed by 14 inches afterwards. Wind shut some things down Saturday.
Jan 3,4 No rating given.    
Jan 10,11    
Jan 17,18      
Jan 24,25      


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